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Reasons You May Need Foot And Ankle Surgery

Schedule a consultation to find out if surgery could improve your foot or ankle health. 

With so much pressure and stressed placed on the feet and ankles day every day it’s not surprising that many people experience foot and ankle-related disorders, injuries and chronic pain; however, many conditions can be treated effectively through simple non-surgical treatment options; however, our Joliet, IL, team of spinal, orthopedic and podiatric surgeons Dr. Joe George, Dr. Rebecca Kuo, Dr. Ryan Pizinger can help you determine whether surgery might actually be the best approach for treating your foot or ankle issues.

Here’s when you might want to consider surgery,

Nonsurgical options aren’t helping 

While many conditions and injuries can be treated through medication, physical therapy and other conservative, non-surgical treatments, there comes a time when we have to admit that these treatments aren’t providing you with the relief you need. If you find that your symptoms aren’t changing despite the variety of treatments our Joliet, IL, surgeons have employed, then it might be time to weigh the pros and cons of foot and ankle surgery. Conditions such as fractures and advanced stages of arthritis may benefit from surgical repairs.

You aren’t as functional as you were 

While many injuries will often heal fully with the proper care, if you don’t treat the problem right away you could end up dealing with instability and other functional problems with your feet and ankles. Furthermore, there are certain conditions that can also cause long-term changes to your mobility. If you find that you can’t fully enjoy the athletic activities that you once did before your injury then you may want to talk to one of our surgeons to find out if surgery could fully restore foot and ankle function.

Your quality of life is reduced 

From limited mobility to chronic pain, there are many reasons why someone may find themselves canceling plans and not fully enjoying life because of their long-term and severe foot and ankle problems. If this sounds like you then an orthopedic consultation with our surgeon may provide you with the insight and information you need to make an informed decision about whether foot and ankle surgery are right for you.

If you are dealing with foot and ankle pain or other symptoms that are affecting your daily routine then call Illinois Orthopedic Institute today at (817) 741-6900 or (877)-404-565438. We provide both surgical and nonsurgical treatment options in Joliet, Bolingbrook and Channahon, IL, to help you handle your foot and ankle problems.

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