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At Illinois Orthopedic Institute we offer a full range of treatment solutions for all possible hip injuries, and our specialists work together as team to personalize the perfect pain management on a specific, and individualized case. The hips are a pivotal component in movement, from hinging to walking, most movements interact in some manner with the hips; injury to the hip joints has ripple effects of increasing pain, and limiting motion throughout the body. The moment you schedule an appointment with IOI, you’ll being receiving personalized care from the best orthopedic specialists in Joliet, Illinois.


You don’t need to deal with your hip pain alone. We diagnose the root of your pain, and work with you to design unique treatment programs for your specific prognosis, allowing for quickest and most successful recovery. If you’re suffering from hip dysplasia, bone spurs, hip impingement (fai), acute hip trauma, or repetitive stress, our orthopedic specialists will provide you with an accurate diagnosis, personalized care program, to help you lower pain and increase movement.


Sudden onset hip pain can be the result of repetitive stress, trauma/injury, or degeneration, and our orthopedists specialize in diagnosing the root of the pain, through onsite digital x-ray, mri, and arthroscopy. The availability of these diagnostic tools allows our doctors to pinpoint the exact cause of pain, and advise the best course of action from conservative therapy programs, to minimally invasive restorative surgery, to full hip replacement, all of which are available at IOI, the best orthopedic office in Joliet, Illinois. Our office provides all the diagnostic tools, treatment options, and recovery help you’ll need every step of the way.


Our conservative therapy programs combine cutting-edge techniques with tried and tested treatments to restore strength, mobility, and flexibility while lowering pain and risk of recurrence. Our surgical options are performed by the best hip surgeons in Joliet, using the best medical equipment and surgical techniques to improve recovery time and results. If you are experiencing hip pain, researching a course of treatment, or looking for surgical options IOI is your one stop hip shop for trusted, quality hip pain care.


Arthroscopic technology is a minimally invasive diagnostic and surgical tool, often used in cartilage repair, joint restoration, partial hip replacements, and further investigative diagnosis, achieved by inserting a small tube camera and specialized tools through a small incision in the groin.This procedure provides our hip surgeons internal views of injured areas, bypassing healthy tissue to allow direct access for investigating and treating the trauma directly. Bypassing the healthy tissue, and minimizing incision size improves the recovery time and success rate of procedures.


Arthroscopy allows opportunities for a variety of restorative surgery options, including smoothing, sculpting, and removing scar tissue or torn cartilage, trimming bone spurs, and removing damaged and inflamed tissue. Arthroscopy has the unique ability to confirm and treat injuries locally, allowing you to reduce unnecessary damage to reach the area, and offering the opportunity for healthy tissue to remain in tact, lowering pain and recovery time. Combined with conservative efforts before and after surgery, arthroscopic surgery improves your hip joint health, and keeps you from undergoing complete hip replacement.


Hip impingement, or femoroacetabular impingement (FAI), occurs when the hip bones are shaped abnormally, a result of a structural disorder causing misalignment that can lead to bumping, uncomfortable rubbing of one bone against another, and overtime this can damage key joints, cartilage or the labrum. Early symptoms may be difficult to detect, but if you notice hip, back, or groin pain/stiffness (at rest or during activity), or you struggle to flex your hip beyond 90 degrees, you don’t need to keep suffering. We’re here to help. This disorder doesn’t discriminate, and we’ve seen patients young and old suffering from the unfortunate discomfort that arises with hip impingement. The three different kinds of impingement–cam impingement, pincer impingement, and combined impingement–all require careful treatment, tailored to the specific needs of your body, but rest assured that the Joliet orthopedic specialists at IOI will do everything in our power to lessen your pain and increase your mobility.


When the diagnosis suggests hip replacement to be the best course of action, our team of the best hip surgeons in Joliet, Illinois approaches each patient with compassion and understanding, knowing the anxiety surgery can provoke. We’ll work with you every step of the way, from diagnosis to post-operative physical therapy. We want to ensure you understand the specifics of your medical case, the prognosis and realistic outcome, and provide the support needed to achieve optimal results from surgery. Before surgery we’ll walk you through the ins and outs of the entire operation, so you can discuss concerns and questions face-to-face with your surgeon. After your successful surgery, Illinois Orthopedic Institute will guide you through your recovery program one step at a time, helping you achieve physical therapy goals, build strength, and increase mobility. Don’t let anyone but the top hip surgeons in Joliet join your team to help relieve hip pain and regain movement. Schedule an appointment with IOI today.