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Jackie Pizinger NP-C

  • Jackie Pizinger
    Nurse Practitioner

    At Illinois Orthopedic Institute, we pride ourselves on working as a team to create a safe and welcoming atmosphere for our patients.  This team would be incomplete without each member fulfilling their unique and important role. With such a range of specialists working closely together, we make sure all our patients’ needs are met starting with an accurate diagnosis to treatment and recovery.

    By fostering a compassionate relationship between our patients and the medical staff, we are able to ensure you feel supported from the moment you join our team. You no longer have to suffer through orthopedic pain alone. We will help you decrease pain levels by getting to the root cause and treating those underlying factors as effectively as possible. Our goal is to get you moving freely, without pain, and without the risk of future injury, and that goal is made possible thanks to our amazing medical team, including Jackie Pizinger, NP-C.

    With more than a decade of experience as an orthopedic nurse practitioner, Jackie is an invaluable member of the Illinois Orthopedic Institute medical staff.  She specializes in diagnosing orthopedic, podiatric, and spinal diseases.

    Jackie acquired her experience on the orthopedic floor at Provena Saint Joseph Medical Center here in Joliet, Illinois, and completed her Bachelor of Science in nursing at Loyola College in Chicago. She completed her Masters of Science in Nursing at the University of Saint Francis in Joliet, and has worked alongside Drs. George, Kuo and Pizinger ever since joining the practice in 2013.

    Jackie’s extensive training and expertise make her a well trusted and confident practitioner. At IOI we are able to accurately diagnose sources of pain with our on-site, state of the art digital x-ray machines, allowing Jackie and our medical staff precise results in a timely manner.

    Jackie’s Education & Certifications:

    • Certified Nurse Practitioner, 2012.
    • Master of Science in Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner. University of Saint Francis, Joliet, Illinois, 2010.
    • Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner. Loyola College, Chicago, Illinois, 2002.
    • Registered Nurse 2002
    • BLS Certified

    Jackie Pizinger, NP-C excels at providing patients with undivided focus, attention, and knowledge while getting to the root cause of your orthopedic pain. Once a diagnosis is made, she will ensure you understand your diagnosis as well as the reason for the prescribed course of treatment.  If you require surgery, Jackie will also go through the procedure with you and answer any questions you may have so you can make an informed decision about whether surgery is right for you!  She will then have you follow up with the appropriate surgeon for your condition.

    With over 15 years of experience in nursing, Jackie has a wide depth of understanding and knowledge when it comes to helping patients heal. Working closely with Dr. George, Dr. Kuo, and Dr. Pizinger, Jackie ensures all patients are exceptionally cared for, making Illinois Orthopedic Institute the top orthopedic office in Joliet, Illinois.

    Jackie works with patients who do not require surgical intervention to solve their orthopedic ailments. Ranging from manual therapy to various forms of physical therapy, the numerous benefits to strengthening, loosening and healing orthopedic injuries results in a reduction of pain, increased physical ability, and expand range of motion.

    Jackie will work diligently with you to slowly reverse loss of strength, building stamina and fitness levels while lowering pain and reducing the chance of future injury. Working together with the patient encourages adherence to the prescribed treatment, and Jackie is an excellent teammate to help you find answers to your orthopedic problems.

    Jackie’s Medical Experience:

    • Worked with Drs. George, Kuo, and Pizinger since 2013
    • Medical Director & Nurse Practitioner at Will County Health & Wellness in Joliet, Illinois
    • Nurse Practitioner at Pontiac Correctional Center in Pontiac, Illinois
    • Staff Nurse for Medical, Surgical, Oncology, Orthopedic & Neurology Units at Provena Saint Joseph Medical Center in Joliet, Illinois

    Illinois Orthopedic Institute is at the forefront of orthopedic treatments, offering patients the best possible care programs uniquely tailored to their specific diagnosis. Conveniently located for our patients access, we allow a one-stop diagnosis and treatment center, where our medical staff prides themselves on being up on modern orthopedic techniques and treatments and being the best orthopedic office in Joliet, Illinois.

    This is accomplished with the complete dedication of our entire team to stay on top of the newest medicine, while having almost 30 years of experience and expertise. If you are suffering for joint, back, hip, leg, arm, or neck pain, we can help lower your pain levels and start getting you back on track today.