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The knees are modified hinge joints, allowing your legs to bend not only back and forth, but also in a slight side-to-side motion, connecting the femur (the longest bone in the body) and tibia (the second longest bone in the body) with two interacting joints. Our knees are the key joints that support the body, bear impact, and carry our weight while walking, meaning they are essential to maintaining a proper gait and healthy movement. Working with your back, hips, ankles and feet to keep you moving, knee pain can impede the entire chain of mobility. In all types of joints, cartilage plays a pivotal role in pain-free joint movement where bones articulate, lubricating motion and absorbing impact, to help you manage the natural stresses of everyday use as well as help you achieve performance in physically taxing activities like sports or certain manually demanding jobs.


In the knee articular cartilage covers the end of the femur and the tibia, allowing the bones to move against each other, where medial and lateral meniscus act as shock absorbers. The knees are one of the most used joints in the body, prone to deterioration and repetitive use injury, causing pain throughout the body. Injuries include meniscus tears, anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury, posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) injury, patellar injury, cartilage deterioration, arthritis and fractures. There’s a range of things that can go wrong, but our medical team specializes in injuries of the knee, boasting years of experience helping people regain their mobility and fight back against pain-inducing conditions. From conservative physical therapy to full knee replacements, the best orthopedic specialists in Joliet, Illinois have the knowledge and tools to customize a personalized care regimen for you.


Knee arthroscopy is used for both diagnostic and restorative purposes, using a small camera scope and specialized tools to obtain real-time video feed of your knee, a high-tech and invaluable tool for diagnosing the source of the pain, and depending on the findings, repairing the injury. Arthroscopy allows for minimally invasive an hyper localized surgical repair and restoration without damaging the healthy tissues in the area, and it’s typically the first step in obtaining a clear view of the source of your symptoms and developing an effective plan to help you battle back.


Our cartilage unfortunately doesn’t repair itself, but that doesn’t mean your stuck living with the pain and discomfort that comes with years of natural wear and tear or repetitive use injuries. Depending on the extent of damage and the condition of the knee, a cartilage transplant may be considered in your course of treatment. Cartilage transplants allow the preservation of the knee joint, avoiding knee replacement surgery, reducing pain and lowering recovery time. Candidates for knee cartilage surgery range from 15-55 years of age, and can often put off knee replacements and return you back to your active lifestyle. Knee cartilage transplants can reduce pain, reduce grinding/popping, improve mobility, and restore flexibility without knee replacement surgery.


The best knee surgeons in Joliet, Il can be found at Illinois Orthopedic Institute, and they work tirelessly to create the best solution for your knee pain. And it’s our mission to work alongside each patient, to provide a clear diagnosis, recommendations for step-by-step treatments, all while educating you about the underlying principles supporting our therapeutic vision for you. For proper recovery, we may recommend physical therapy as a powerful tool to help you safely regain mobility, strength, and range of motion while under the care of professional supervision, which is a sure-fire way to provide a safe path to recovery, and avoid unnecessarily pushing the knee beyond its safe limits before it’s ready. By helping you understand the nature of your injury, our team will help you create a lifelong health plan, arming you with the knowledge that allows you to manage recovery, reduce the risk of injury, and keep striving for healthy, independent living without constant interruptions requiring visits to the doctor’s office or hospital.


With such a complex joint, there’s no one-size fits all solution, but our team of experienced Joliet orthopedic surgeons have helped countless patients overcome their knee pain and injuries through a range of possible treatments, including arthroscopy, knee revision, minimally-invasive knee replacement, total knee replacement, cartilage reconstruction, and ligament reconstruction, along with a host of complementary physical therapy treatments that we tailor to each patient’s patients individual needs, ensuring that your unique challenges are treated safely and effectively.