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At Illinois Orthopedic Institute we know the path to recovery begins with a proper diagnosis, and our state of the art diagnostic tools allow us to pinpoint with clarity your unique prognosis. Our onsite Magnetic Resonance Imaging machine allows our doctors to quickly and accurately locate the source of your pain, without radiation, pain or surgery.


Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or MRI, utilizes magnetic forces, radio waves, and a digital output to produce highly detailed cross-section images of your body, in a pain-free, non-invasive procedure. Because the MRI uses magnets and radio waves to produce images, the procedure requires no radiation, and can be used in conjunction with our digital x-rays to achieve a holistic diagnosis of your unique orthopedic injury.

Thanks to our unparalleled ability to quickly diagnose patients and provide conservative treatment and surgical consultations all on site, when you turn to IOI, you’ll be receiving care from the best orthopedic office in Joliet, Illinois.


When an MRI creates an image, it does so in a cross-section of your body, allowing us to see the inner components, tissues, organs and structures of your injury without the use of invasive surgeries.

These cross sections are different than the front-on images provided by x-rays, and also differ with what they photograph. Although both are painless and non-invasive, x-rays capture single images of the dense structures of your body, with bone being the most visible, followed by dense tissues, and fat.


MRIs, on the other hand, are used to create highly detailed images of your internal organs, soft tissue, internal structures, and bones; these images are “slices”, or cross sections, and multiple can be taken in one procedure.

Although the images from an MRI may resemble those of an x-ray, there is much higher detail and contrast in those produced by magnetic resonance. The MRI machine can provide images from the entire body and is an integral diagnostic tool that allows us detailed information that will be key to your recovery.


The entire MRI experience varies in time, depending on the size of the location being scanned and how many images are being taken. The procedure is non-invasive and painless, requiring no radiation!

Patients lie still on a table for the duration of the procedure; the table slides into the MRI machine, which is a large tunnel where the imaging takes place. During the MRI, patients feel very little, but may hear a series of rhythmic thumps and bags as the images are being created; patients are provided with hearing protection, and many patients find MRIs to be soothing, and can even doze off.

Patients who have issues with smaller spaces or loud noises may prefer to be medicated before undergoing the MRI, and whatever your preferences and needs may be, our team at IOI will work to provide you with a positive experience, followed by quick answers, and a plan of action.


To prepare for your MRI, you are able to go about your day as normal: eat, drink, and take your medication as usual, unless otherwise directed. Because of the use of magnets during the procedure, please refrain from wearing any jewellery, body piercings, or metal that may interfere with the imaging. Depending on the clothing you are wearing, you may be required to change into dressing gown, so that the metal in your clothes does not affect the machinery.

Because of the magnetic nature of the machine, emptying your pockets of debit/credit cards, watches, phones, electronics, and removing devices like hearing aids is important to the proper function of both your belongings, and our machine. Also, some makeup and deodorant types may contain metal, so for best results it may be beneficial to refrain from nail polish, make-up, or deodorant on the day of your MRI. If you have any questions, we’ll walk you through the answers until your mind is at ease!


Again, because of the magnetic aspect of this procedure, it is important to let your doctor know if you have any metal implants in your body, such as metal plates or pins, aneurysm clips, joint replacements, implanted pumps/stimulators or batteries, or if you are trying to become/think you may be pregnant.


By combining diagnostic methods on site, we are able to provide you with a complete understanding of your unique situation, diagnosing the causes of pain and discomfort, and planning out the next step of treatment as you start working towards a pain-free life. At IOI, our team of expert surgeons will create a personally tailored treatment program for your individual prognosis, composed of a combination of conservative treatments and, if necessary, surgical intervention. We are the top orthopedic office in Joliet, Illinois, and we have the tools to get you back into the movement of life, stronger and without pain! Schedule an appointment today!