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Physical Therapy

A Key Step in Recovery

Orthopedic physiotherapy is designed to help you recover from injuries resulting from both overuse and trauma. The goal of physical therapy is to reduce pain levels from existing injury while strengthening the affected bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, and nervous system. Physical therapy consists of various manual therapies, resistance training, improving balance and flexibility, and strengthening your bodily support systems. By increasing balance, strength, and flexibility, patients are able to reduce pain and accomplish increasing fitness goals, while learning to prevent future injury.

Programs as Unique and Varied as Our Patients

Our state of the art physical therapy programs combine in office and at home exercises, stretches, and massage to lower pain levels, increase strength and improve flexibility, all with the goal of increasing mobility and attaining increasing fitness goals. Our programs are tailored to your specific needs and abilities, so no matter what your abilities and challenges are when you enter our office, we’ll develop a physical therapy sequence designed to get you back up to performance level while challenging you and providing a safe series of steps toward recovery.

Therapy for Repetative Stress and Sports Injuries

Athletes and labourers benefit from physical therapy to prevent and treat sports injuries and repetitive stress injuries. When joints are frequently used they may experience swelling, deterioration in range of motion, and pain when used. Our team of the best physical therapists in Joliet, Illinois will treat these injuries to lower pain levels and prevent future injury. The goal at Illinois Orthopedic Institute is to work as a team with our patients, ensuring they understand every part of the treatment program and are equipped with the knowledge to move forward with their fitness goals while pursuing safe activity levels that reduce the risk of agitating your injury and suffering new injury. We want you to be at your physical best, and we’ll be right there by your side to make sure you’re best prepared to achieve your goals with minimal pain, and minimal risk of injury.

Get Off the Bench and Back in the game

Our team specializes in athletic medicine and understands the physical and mental toll undertaken by athletes and anyone else who pushes their body to the limit at work or play. We know what it feels like to be on the sideline, and we’ll work tirelessly with you to get you back into the game and at the top of your performance. Visit Illinois Orthopedic Institute or call to schedule an appointment with the best athletic therapists in Joliet, Illinois, and you’ll be one step closer to facing the world at your physical best once again.

Pre- and Post-Surgical Physical Therapy

Illinois Orthopedic Institute offers both pre-and post-surgical physical therapy options, and each therapeutic program offers unique, personalized therapy benefits for our patients. The goal of pre-surgical therapy is often to strengthen supporting muscles in preparation for surgery, whereas post-surgical physical therapy is tailored to your specific recovery needs, whatever they may be, with the goal of regaining strength, movement, and optimum healing and recovery after surgery. Recovery is not always linear, and having a course of treatment that includes post-operative physical therapy allows for the best chances at a forward progression in recovery. While it’s not always easy, you can rest assured that our programs are designed to guide you safely through recovery, and give you a shoulder to lean on while you rebuild your ability, confidence, and physical strength.

Physical Therapy: A Team Approach

We will be with you every step of the way, pre- and post-surgery, to help you regain mobility, promote healing, and prevent further or secondary injury. With the correct post-op physical therapy program, your healing and fitness goals can be managed properly and safely to completion, and the risk of injury from improper form or lack of exercise decreases significantly. Working as a team means there is more accountability, higher success, and better healing. Our team consists of the best surgeons and the best physical therapists in Joliet, Illinois working together to walk you through the specialized post-op care program that’s right for you. The team support allows you direct access to your surgeon and your physical therapist, providing you with the best knowledge and understanding of your case, recovery, and treatment. So if you’re ready to start feeling better, call soon, and take the first step on the journey toward a happier, healthier you.