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Casting and Immobilization


Casting and Immobilization techniques prevent movement to injured areas, allowing for proper positioning and reduction of strain and pressure. Casts and immobilization devices may be required if you are suffering from injury associated with overuse, trauma, or pre- and post-surgical casting. Illinois Orthopedic Institute has top of the line medical equipment, including immobilization and compression needs. IOI has you covered by offering a full range of casting, immobilization, and compression services, ensuring we can provide our patients with everything they need to stabilize, strengthen, compress, and immobilize recovering areas.


Depending on the extent and requirement for your specific immobilization, our team will decide from a plaster cast, synthetic cast, cast brace, half-cast, tensor bandage or sling for your injury. The team at Illinois Orthopedic Institute has the diagnostic ability, treatment options, and immobilization methods available to create a unique, patient tailored experience. In our efforts to be the best orthopedic office in Joliet, Illionois, we’ve spent countless years fine-tuning our craft that combines state of the art immobilization techniques, the best medical equipment, the most accurate diagnostic tools, and the most comprehensive treatment programs curated to our patients’ needs.


Casts are utilized to stabilize and immobilize a specific location to promote healing and discourage improper healing of broken or fractured bones by encasing the entire area with a hard shell. This cast will hold the specific shape for the entire healing period, allowing the proper positioning for healing that will help prevent future pain and injury. By holding the broken bone or fractured area in place while it heals, the bone is allowed to set for healing and regeneration. Ensuring the proper setting of a bone is key to recovery; if a bone is not properly set, it can cause complications, further pain and future injury. We have the best orthopedists in Joliet Illinois, and we work carefully to ensure our patients receive the best possible casting and immobilization, because we understand that improper casting can result in circulation difficulties, nerve pain, and future bone pain, and our goal is to help you heal as quickly, thoroughly, and safely as possible.


Our medical team specializes in setting bones, immobilizing joints, and pre- and post-surgical casts. No matter what your needs might be, from splints to fiberglass casting, Illinois Orthopedic Institute will ensure you’ve got the best, and work with you so you know how to properly use it and care for your injury while it heals and after. We will create a specific, personalized casting or immobilization for your orthopedic needs.


Our immobilization services also include removable braces, wraps, and stabilization aides. Our team will help you find the perfect solution for your needs – from neck braces, compression devices, tensor bandaging, joint braces, sleeves, and straps. We’ll match you up with the best solution for your individual needs, to help prevent swelling, reduce pain, promote healing, and limit movement. Compression techniques promote healing by allowing for relief of pressure, promoting blood flow, preventing the build-up of fluids in the injured area, which prevents swelling. Illinois Orthopedic Institute has the best selection of equipment for temporarily limiting motion in injured joints during a flare-up, allowing for stability and preventing overuse, pain, and swelling. Let the best orthopedic specialists in Joliet, Illinois assess your orthopedic pain, and find out if you would benefit from orthopedic immobilization techniques to reduce pain and get you moving. Don’t leave treatment options on the table. A happier, healthier, pain-free life is just a phone call away!