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Spinal Sugery

At IOI, your health, safety and comfort are our priorities. After you and your doctor decide that surgery is the best treatment for your condition or injury, you may have a number of questions and concerns. As with any surgery, there will be a period of recovery that may vary in length. Dr. Rebecca Kuo and the staff at IOI will be with you every step of the way, helping you in all of your pre-surgery and post-surgery concerns. Read More


The foot and ankle are made up of hundreds of interacting bones, joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments that allow the foot to move, bear weight, and absorb impact. Because of the complex interaction of these parts, there are many opportunities for injury and pain that can negatively disrupt day-to-day aspects of your life. We provide cortisone injections, partial and total joint reconstruction, ankle arthroscopy, and physical therapy options pre- and post-operation. Our wide offering of surgical and non-surgical treatment options for foot and ankle injury and pain means you’ll have the best chance for a successful recovery. The Illinois Orthopedic Institute is dedicated to putting an end to debilitating foot and ankle pain by creating the perfect treatment program for your specific condition. We’ll get to the bottom of your pain to you keep moving!Read More


The hip is a ball and socket joint that allows you to walk, and if you’re experiencing pain in your hip you hardly need a website to tell you how debilitating it is; however, you may need our medical team to help you decrease hip pain and regain mobility and flexibility. Dealing with hip dysplasia, bursitis, arthritis, avascular necrosis, fractures, labral tears, hip impingement, trauma or sports injury requires the knowledge and specialty of the best hip surgeons in Joliet, Illinois. We specialize in non-invasive, non-surgical recovery options, as well as surgical options including hip osteotomy, hip resurfacing, hip arthroscopy, and hip replacement. We treat your orthopedic hip ailments with the most modern technologies, up-to-date treatments, and with a medical staff on the forefront of orthopedic medicine. Our team of surgeons and our nurse practitioner work together with you to create a personalized patient care program to not only treat sources of hip pain, but also prevent future injury.Read More

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is often (literally) the first step to recovery, although the benefits of continued physical therapy cannot be overstated. From increased flexibility and strength, to ensuring healthy movement and preventing future injury, there’s no limit to our team’s ability to help you reach your goals. Physical therapy allows for injured bodies to regain movement, re-develop lost muscle and increase your physical abilities. Our team works with you to help you set your goals and reach them, ensuring you never feel alone and always feel supported in your fitness recovery. Read More


Magnetic Resonance Imaging, known as MRI, uses strong magnetic field forces and radio waves, allowing our team to accurately diagnose our patients using highly detailed images of tissues in the body. Being able to create clear images of the body without exploratory surgery allows us to start the road to recovery, and since this non-invasive diagnostic tool is hosted on site, you’ll get instantaneous answers, diagnosis, and a plan to start treatment all in one place, just one of many factors that make us the best orthopedic office in Joliet, Illinois. Read More


Casting and immobilization ensures proper healing, and with the correct posture. When a bone is broken, or an injury causes harm to certain body parts, the best way to ensure further damage and proper healing is by setting and keeping the injury immobilized. This helps healing, prevents further strain, and often helps reduce pain. Our team specializes in casting and immobilization techniques, ensuring you the best possible recovery and healing. Read More


Unlike the traditional photographic film x-rays, digital x-rays allow us to immediately process and diagnose the images as they are taken, allowing instant results and the ability to enhance, manipulate and digitally transfer images for timely and accurate results. Digital X-rays are better for your health, as they require less radiation, and better for the environment, as there are no harmful chemicals used in the process. Let our team at Illinois Orthopedic Institute show you the benefits of digital x-rays today! Read More


At Illinois Orthopedic Institute, we know that surgery can be daunting, but we are here to make sure you understand every step of the procedure and the benefits it can bring. Surgery is often pursued as a “last option” for pain reduction and recovering strength, and our team is composed of the best orthopedic surgeons in Joliet, Illinois. We are dedicated to staying on the forefront of surgical techniques, and are able to combine the most modern and tried-and-true techniques, providing you with the best of both worlds. We specialize in podiatric surgery, including partial/total joint reconstruction, bunionectomy, hammertoe correction, and all other aspects of foot and ankle care.Read More


Our top-of-the-line orthopedic medical equipment will provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve got the best possible tools in your arsenal. We provide mobility, bracing, immobilization and support equipment to meet all your orthopedic needs now and well into the future. We guarantee the quality of our medical equipment, tried and tested for durability and safe everyday use. If you have any questions or specific needs, stop into the best orthopedic office in Joliet, Il, and we’ll be happy to address your concerns and help you find the best path to a healthier you! Read More


The plethora of treatments available at IOI allow us to treat your orthopedic needs without invasive surgical intervention! We pride ourselves on keeping up with the forefront of modern orthopedic procedures, the best equipment, and the most personalized treatment programs to ensure your unique situation receives an equally unique treatment. Our hands-on programs ensure you feel supported and able to reach your fitness goals without the need for surgery. Our team specializes in non-surgical, non-invasive treatments and techniques for all types of orthopedic needs, and our goal is to work with you to find the least invasive, most effective forms of treatment for your individual case.Read More


If you suffer from repetitive stress injuries, fractures, or a reduction in your physical ability, the best orthopedic team in Joliet is waiting to help you. We specialize in treating spinal stenosis, spondylothesis, sacral conditions, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow and more. Our team of specialists have a vast depth of knowledge that allows them to treat all your orthopedic needs, both surgically and non-surgically, including those of the foot, ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, wrist and spine. From partial and total joint reconstruction, to decompression therapy, there is no orthopedic issue too large or small for IOI. No matter what your ailment, someone on our team specializes in treating it! We will help you find a treatment regimen that works with you to start getting you moving, improve flexibility, and increase range of motion.At Illinois Orthopedic Institute we offer MRI, digital x-ray, casting & immobilization services, and a range of surgical & non-surgical treatments. With such a diverse offering of specialties, IOI can combine and customize our patient care programs to ensure the most effective treatment possible. Our medical team prides themselves on being the best orthopedic office in Joliet, Illinois. We strive to provide you with a complete program to get you back in action and keep you moving. Read More

Hand and Wrist

Pain in your extremities–especially in the hand, wrist and elbow–can disrupt your life and stop you from participating or enjoying daily activities. Illinois Orthopedic Institute combines an accomplished team of orthopedic specialists with modern techniques and technologies to create personalized hand and wrist treatment programs tailored to our individual patients and their unique needs. By curating a program for each patient, we create an effective patient-perfect treatment experience for your ever-changing and vast needs, including non-invasive conservative treatments and a full range of surgical options when applicable and necessary.

Your hands are composed of a complex interaction of small bones, joints, tendons, and muscles, so no two patients will have the same experience of their ailments. Because of the uniqueness of all patients, we believe your treatment programs should be just as unique as your case; there is no one-size fits all remedy for orthopedic issues, and we work as a team to provide you with a range of treatments unique to your situation and goals. We will work together to increase strength, improve flexibility and decrease frequency and intensity of pain in your hands, wrists, and elbows. Read More


Your knees are pivotal to proper gait–absorbing walking impact and bearing the weight of your body–and when that joint is injured it can cause pain throughout the body. There are numerous causes for knee pain: meniscus tear, ligament tears, cartilage damage, patellar tendinitis, arthritis, trauma, and repetitive stress injuries. We specialize in both conservative, non-invasive knee injury treatment and cutting-edge surgical techniques, including arthroscopy, knee revision, minimally-invasive knee replacements, ligament reconstruction, total knee replacement, and cartilage reconstruction performed by experienced knee surgeons. By keeping up-to-date with the latest orthopedic information and techniques, the medical team at IOI guarantees you’ll have access to the best knee surgeons in Joliet, Illinois.. By eliminating sources of knee pain, increasing joint strength, and preventing further injury, we are able to get you moving and attaining your mobility and fitness goals. Our patient care philosophy tailors specific programs to your individual needs; we focus on combining thorough patient education with the latest conservative and surgical techniques and technologies to equip you with all the tools necessary to get you through your pain and back into the swing of your life. Read More


Shoulder stiffness, limited shoulder joint mobility, shoulder joint pain, and popping or grinding pain can decrease your quality of life and ability to accomplish daily tasks. We will combine the opinions of our specialists to assign the most effective treatment options to improve your quality of life, by preventing shoulder pain, and decreasing the risk of future injury. We offer abundant services that combine tried-and-tested remedies and modern techniques and technologies, combining a number of non-surgical treatments and non-invasive treatments for shoulder injuries including shoulder dislocation, shoulder bursitis, tendonitis, rotator cuff tears, arthritis, trauma, and repetitive stress injuries. Our medical team is composed of the shoulder surgeons in Joliet, Illinois specializing in shoulder arthroscopy and joint reconstruction. Our team understands the physical and mental struggles associated with shoulder pain, and we’ll work with you to ensure you never feel alone in your pain again, building a plan of action to keep you moving forward, achieving goals and preventing further injury.Read More