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Foot and Ankle Surgery


Everyday our feet and ankles take the brunt of our locomotion, and these key players are heavily affected by your gait, as well as acute trauma, arthritis, and hammer toe. The foot and ankle are both composed of small bones interacting with tendons, cartilage, nerves, and muscles. Because of their location at the end of the leg, feet are often used as tools to prop, push, walk, run, sit, and move, which leaves them vulnerable to injury. Our podiatric specialists are here to treat all types of foot and ankle ailments, including improper pronation, deformity, acute injury, repetitive stress, and pain in the feet and ankles. Our team is made up of the best podiatrists in Joliet, Illinois, and we will ensure you a complete diagnose, a treatment program tailored to your unique prognosis, all with the full support of our staff. Choosing Illinois Orthopedic Institute means choosing a team that’ll support you every step of the way, until those steps are pain free.


Our orthopedic specialists combine the most cutting edge podiatric physical therapy with our time tested expertise and experience to create a full course of conservative care to help treat and recover from foot and ankle injuries. Our modern equipment, highly trained physical therapists, and immobilization techniques allow for a full range of treatments ensuring a perfect fit for your unique needs.


At IOI, we specialize in treating a range of injuries and repetitive use trauma, including sports injuries, and as most sports involve your feet and ankles, we often see cases of athletes suffering injury and trauma in the foot and ankle. We offer sports injury rehabilitation, getting you properly diagnosed and treated while focusing on strengthening the injured area, increasing mobility, and helping you achieve your physical fitness goals. We will work with you to ensure you have the tools and knowledge needed to accomplish your goals, lower your pain, and prevent future injury. We’ve worked with all types of athletes and athletic injuries, and are actively involved in rehab and physical injury recovery.


We also specialize in minimally invasive and surgical techniques, such as cortisone injections and arthroscopy. Cortisone injections reduce swelling in joints like the ankle, lowering localized pain and promoting movement, allowing you to progress through therapy exercises as a part of your unique recovery program.


Our minimally invasive arthroscopy allows for diagnosing ankle and foot injuries by inserting a small camera into an incision to provide an accurate image of the source of your trauma. This procedure also allows for minimally invasive surgical treatments, like restoring cartilage and removing damaged tissue. By bypassing the healthy tissue surrounding the injury, arthroscopy surgery reduces incision size and recovery time. The best ankle surgeons in 60435 have mastered arthroscopic diagnosis and surgery, and we’d like to share that expertise with you to help you get back in action as quickly and safely as possible.


Arthroscopy is only one of the methods of diagnosing your foot and ankle pain. To get to the root of your pain we also use hands-on manual examination, on-site digital x-rays and mri, allowing for a thorough understanding of your unique prognosis. Digital x-ray allows for your foot and ankle pain to be photographed in much less time, using less radiation, and with better image quality. Our MRI allows us to diagnose soft tissue injuries, and create an accurate diagnosis. We combine these diagnostic tools to clarify your unique case, ensuring a holistic understanding of your course of treatment and length of recovery.


Illinois Orthopedic Institute boasts not only the top podiatric physical therapists, but also prides itself on having the best podiatric surgeons in Joliet, Illinois. We specialize in sports injuries, acute trauma, and repetitive stress injuries. The complexity of interaction between the small bones, tendons, and nerves in the foot and ankle is all the reason you need to contact IOI. With our combination of experience and dedication to keeping up-to-date with modern surgery techniques, we know you’ll get the best outcome and treatment. From partial joint restoration, to complete joint replacement our surgical team has you covered, and our team will work with you post-operation to create the perfect recovery program for strength, flexibility, and mobility.