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  • Our Physical Therapy Services
    If you are suffering from pain or an injury, you may feel pain whenever you move and your life will be defined by stiffness, weakness, swelling, and reduced mobility. Fortunately, Read more
  • What Causes Lower Back Pain and Treatment Options
    Lower back pain impacts almost 80 percent of Americans at some point in their lives, reports OnHealth. If you don't experience relief within 72 hours, contact Illinois Orthopedic Institute in Read more
  • Signs of Shoulder Tendonitis
    Do you have a limited range of motion and pain in your shoulder? If so it may be tendonitis, an inflammation of the connective tissue and muscles within this complex Read more
  • Are You Struggling With Knee Pain?
    Knee pain plagues millions of Americans, impacting their daily routines and active lifestyles. If you're struggling with sudden or chronic knee pain, consult one of our orthopedic specialists at Illinois Read more
  • How Root Canal Treatment Can Save Your Smile
    How Root Canal Treatment Can Save Your Smile Dealing with tooth pain can be debilitating. Sometimes the pain can be so intense that you are unable to eat, sleep and even Read more
  • Therapy for Repetitive Stress and Sports Injuries
    Dealing with an overuse injury? Here’s how you can easily treat the problem.  Are you taking on a new workout routine or trying to your hand at a new sport? If Read more
  • Shoulder Trauma and Overuse
    Discover the most common causes of shoulder problems and what you can do about it. Did you know that the shoulder joint is usually the most injured joint in the body? Read more
  • Treating Hip Pain
    Get your hip pain under control and find out when to turn to a doctor for help. The hip is the body’s largest ball-and-socket joint and also one of the most Read more
  • Find Relief From Lower Back Pain
    Here’s how orthopedic medicine can help you manage your stubborn back pain.  Lower back pain is one of the most common problems that adults face and there are many different reasons Read more
  • Reasons You May Need Foot And Ankle Surgery
    Schedule a consultation to find out if surgery could improve your foot or ankle health.  With so much pressure and stressed placed on the feet and ankles day every day it’s Read more
  • Are You Dealing with Knee Pain?
    Find out how orthopedic care could treat your knee pain.  From sports-related injuries to chronic health problems, there are many reasons why someone might be dealing with knee pain. If you Read more
  • Plantar Fasciitis: Put Your Heel Pain to a Halt
    Heel pain is most often caused by plantar fasciitis, an inflammation of the long, dense band of connective tissue (the plantar fascia) that runs from the heel to the ball Read more
  • Dealing With Claw Toes and Mallet Toes
    Understanding Claw and Mallet Toes   Think you may have mallet or claw toes? Mallet and claw toes form over years and are common in adults. Mallet and claw toes are among Read more
  • What are Hammertoes?
    A hammertoe is a common foot deformity that affects the middle joint of the smaller toes. As a result, this causes the toes to bend downward. Since this bend causes Read more
  • Taking Care of Flat Feet
    While there are many people with flat feet, often times they won’t even know it; however, there are others with flat feet that regularly experience pain, soreness, and other problems. Read more

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