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Durable Medical Equipment


Illinois Orthopedic Institute ensures our patients have the best chance at full recovery by offering top-of-the-line durable medical equipment at affordable prices. We have a range of products designed to meet all your orthopedic needs. From mobility aids, to bracing, support, and immobilization, IOI has you covered. Each purchase comes with peace of mind from knowing you’re getting the best orthopedic equipments at the lowest cost in Joliet, Illinois.


Using the best proper medical equipment is crucial to recover without future pain or further injury. When an injured area is healing it may need additional support, rest or complete immobilization to avoid problematic posture, undue stress, and improper healing. We have unique and customizable products, and will help you choose the right tools to promote healing, reduce pain and swelling, and prevent long term chronic pain.

Our range of durable medical equipment covers pre-surgical and post-surgical needs, sports and repetitive stress injury support, compression tools to promote healing and reduce swelling, and mobility aids. Combining the orthopedic knowledge of our medical staff with top-of-the-line durable orthopedic equipment makes Illinois Orthopedic Institute the best orthopedic office in Joliet, Illinois.


We have the best mobility aids available in Joliet, at Illinois Orthopedic Institute; from canes to walking casts, crutches to walkers, we’ve got what you need to keep moving while allowing for a proper recovery. Recovering from an injury does not mean life stops – it keeps moving, and you will too with our medical knowledge, and top-of-the-line mobility devices. Our team of orthopedic specialists will work with you to ensure you not only keep moving, but do so in a way that promotes healing, allowing you to keep living without hindering your progress.


Whether you are recovering from surgery or trauma, or dealing with the symptoms of a degenerative disease, we have what you need to decrease pain levels and keep moving. Our goal is to keep you active, moving, with minimal pain and reduced chance of future injury. Our equipment is guaranteed to last, and we will ensure you know the proper use of all your mobility devices to maximize their benefits on your recovery.

Our durable medical equipment includes all of our casting and immobilization tools, and allow for powerful healing when put to use by the best orthopedic team in Joliet, Illinois. Complications from improper casting include bone pain, nerve pain, and circulation difficulties, so stick with the best casting and immobilization techniques and equipment available in the 60435 and call Illinois Orthopedic Institute


Casting and immobilization services are often vital to successful healing from joint trauma or overuse injuries. By preventing or limiting movement in the affected areas, we allow for proper posture while providing strength and support. Our team of specialists will choose the appropriate technique for your unique needs, depending on the location and extent of the injury.


Our team specializes in a wide range of casting techniques, and will choose the appropriate type for you: plaster cast, synthetic cast, cast brace, half-cast, tensor bandages or sling to promote healing. We offer a full range of durable options to stabilize, strengthen, compress, and immobilize all types of injuries.


Casting services are used to locally immobilize broken bones to prevent painful improper healing by setting the bone and surrounding it with a hard cast shell. This method allows the bone to remain set throughout the healing process, without risk of complications that lead to further pain and future injury.


At Illinois Orthopedic we also offer the highest quality removable braces, compression wraps, and stabilization aids. We have a great range of solutions to help stabilize an area while promoting healing by limiting movement, improving circulation, and reducing swelling.


We offer braces and other types of temporary immobilization devices to not only treat symptoms from injuries, but to also prevent injuries to vulnerable joints. By providing temporary support and compression to a weakened area, we are able to increase activity levels while decreasing the potential for swelling or injury.

IOI has the best selection of durable medical equipment designed to temporarily limit range of motion in injured joints, allowing for on demand stability, preventing misuse or overuse, pain and swelling, which is what makes IOI the best orthopedic office in Joliet, Illinois for durable medical equipment.