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At Illinois Orthopedic Institute we know what it means to live an active lifestyle. As a group, we make it our priority to get every patient back to theirs. We have 27 years of collective experience in Orthopedic care with a personal focus on innovative treatments and doctor-patient relationships. We believe compassionate, patient focused care is the recipe for the best outcomes. 

Many factors contribute to being able to provide quality Orthopedic treatment and care to our patients. What sets IOI apart is a philosophy focused on comprehensive treatment, which involves developing a meaningful doctor-patient relationship that meets our patients’ needs and goals. We provide years of experience and education with the care and relationships of a small town medical community. Read more below on our Philosophy, our practices and how and why we are different from other Orthopedic Practices.

Our Philosophy

    Understanding how your body functions, the goals of treatment, and extent of injury, allows you set realistic goals, improve on your current quality of life and prevent future instances of injury and pain. The Illinois Orthopedic treatment philosophy revolves around ensuring you understand not only how we are treating your specific case, but also how to utilize preventative measures to ensure no future injury. Patient education is key to recovery, and we will teach you about the specifics of your treatment profile to ensure you understand our entire course of action and treatment strategy to improve mobility, increase physical ability, and decrease pain.


    Our patient care programs tailor specific treatments and techniques to your individual needs, ensuring you feel supported and knowledgeable throughout the entire recovery process. We focus on combining thorough patient education with the latest techniques and technologies to equip you with all the tools necessary to limit pain and prevent further injury. We work with you to get you out of pain and back into the swing of your life. You no longer have to suffer alone. We understand how you feel and will help get you on track to lowered pain, increased strength and back to feeling like yourself!


    At IOI we will equip you with the tools, treatments, and knowledge needed to get you out of pain, increase strength, improve physical abilities and help you develop the means to accomplish your goals without causing further injury. We will work with you to make sure you never feel alone in your pain again – we’ll make sure we have a plan of action to ensure your forward progress. Chronic pain does not allow for a linear recovery, but IOI will be there to root you on during the low points, and celebrate the milestones – helping you feel supported the entire time.
    At Illinois Orthopedic Institute we understand the emotional toll chronic orthopedic pain can have on your daily life, and from the moment you walk in the door you are no longer alone in this battle to improve your life. Through patient education about your injury, mobility levels, and immediate goals we are able to begin a program of active treatment to reduce pain, and increase strength in the affected area.


    By keeping up to date with the latest orthopedic information and techniques, the medical team at IOI guarantees you’ll have access to the best orthopedic surgeons in Joliet, Illinois. We treat your orthopedic ailments with the most modern technologies, latest treatments, and a medical staff on the forefront of orthopedic medicine. Our team of doctors and nurse practitioner work together with you to create a personalized patient care program to not only treat sources of pain, but also prevent future injuries. By lowering sources of pain and preventing further injury, we are able to get you moving to attain your mobility and fitness goals. Our medical team prides themselves on being the best orthopedic office in Joliet, Illinois, striving to provide you with the complete support needed to get you back in action, increase flexibility and strength, while preventing further injury.


    The most trusted orthopedic surgeons in Joliet work at Illinois Orthopedic Institute, and would love to help you understand and meet your specific recovery needs. Our doctors understand that no two patients will have the same experience of their ailments, and because of that we believe your treatment program should be just as unique as your case. There is no one-size-fits-all remedy for orthopedic issues, and we will work as a team to provide you with a range of treatments unique to your situation and goals. Our team of accomplished orthopedic specialists curate personalized treatment programs for each patient. We will work together to find the most affective route back toward a happier, healthier you.


    At Illinois Orthopedic Institute we offer MRI, digital x-ray, casting & immobilization, surgical and non-surgical treatments – with such a diverse option of offerings we are able to directly provide you with the perfect combination of techniques and services to best diagnose and treat your specific needs. By tailoring treatment to your unique needs, we aim to provide the most effective therapy plans, and with the backing of the best orthopedic office in Joliet, Illinois, you will never feel alone in your recovery. Our team-based patient care is dependent on the reality that everyone you interact with at Illinois Orthopedic Institute has the same goal: to get you feeling better and equip you with the tools to continue improvement and avoid future injury. Non-surgical and non-invasive diagnostic methods permit a comprehensive diagnosis of the specifics of your case, the extent of trauma or injury, and the best course of action. Our digital x-ray machine and our MRI allows us to diagnose patients of all levels of mobility, patients with claustrophobia, and patients that are otherwise unable to use a closed MRI system. Our digital x-ray machine allows for almost instantaneous results, with exceptional clarity and the ability to have your results transferred and enhanced to confirm and share results.


    Our medical team is composed of the best orthopedic surgeons in Joliet and we understand the physical and mental struggles associated with chronic pain. If you’re suffering from orthopedic issues in your feet, ankles, hands, wrists, hips, knees, shoulders, or spine we have solutions for you. Our access to multiple orthopedic specialists allows us to meticulously comb over your case and treatment ensuring you are prescribed with the best course of action for your diagnosis. We unite the opinions of our specialists to assign the most effective treatment plans to improve your quality of life, decrease pain, and prevent risk of future injury. Our ability to specify results and pinpoint the details of your prognosis, we are able to customize your care program with a carefully selected range of physical therapy and non-surgical treatment options. In the case that all options are exhausted without improvement, surgical procedures may be the next step. Part of the frustration of chronic pain is the feeling of helplessness that comes with feeling stuck or burdened by your own body, the alienation and loneliness that comes from relying on others to help you survive. But our aim is to walk you through that process and keep you informed of all your options on your journey to better health.


    Pain in your extremities, back pain, and nerve pain can disrupt your life – Illinois Orthopedic Institute combines an accomplished team of orthopedic specialists with modern techniques & treatment to help you exhaust all your options before undergoing surgery.
    But should it come to that, our team is made up of the best orthopedic surgeons in Joliet, Illinois and our belief is that you save surgery for your last option, and then go with the best. Surgery cannot always be avoided, and is sometimes the a recommended approach for relieving pain, resolving nerve issues, and restoring use; schedule an appointment with the best orthopedic office 60435 has to offer. Make an appointment with the best surgeons in Joliet, and we will discuss surgical options thoroughly, ensuring you understand how and why the procedure will help, the risks and benefits, and you’ll have time to have all your questions answered. Illinois Orthopedic Institute specializes in all orthopedic issues, and has a team of devoted and accomplished surgeons. Our goal is to work with you to find the least invasive, most effective forms of treatment for your unique case.


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Experience matters. It’s experience that allows our team of Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeons and staff to deliver the most comprehensive and hassle-free care possible. Dedication and expertise drives each of our physicians to be leaders in the Orthopedics field, serving on medical boards as subject matter experts and as lecturers at medical colleges.